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What Happens if You Don’t Fill Out the Census?

What you need to know: A basic rundown of what stands to be lost when you don’t fill out the 2020 U.S. Census

If people don’t fill out their 2020 U.S. census form, our state risks losing millions in federal funding for important state and local programs. People often question the consequences of not filling out the census, believing that the impact can’t possibly be that severe if supposedly thousands of people don’t fill it out every 10 years. However, not taking just 10 minutes or less to fill out the 2020 U.S. census can have lasting negative impacts on your state.

What happens when you don’t fill out the census? Our state’s population will be counted wrong: it would appear that there are hundreds or even thousands of people less in our state than there actually are. The federal government will see a smaller population and, thus, will provide less federal funding for assistance with a multitude of government programs.

Federal aid such as nutritional and education programs, housing programs, and various other social services that help provide multiple benefits to Mississippians across the state will receive reduced funding if we can’t show the government all of the people here that need to be accounted for. Not only that but also fewer people accounted for means potentially fewer seats in the Electoral College for our state, meaning further underrepresentation of our voices.

However, if more people complete their forms than expected, our state stands to gain millions in federal funding! A chance for better roads, better after-school programs, better everything! So please, if you want to help out our state and give it all of the attention that it deserves, take the time to fill out the 2020 Mississippi Census: it’s only 10 questions in 10 minutes for 10 years of impact. 

Learn more by visiting www.MSCensus2020.org to figure out what else there is to know.

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  1. It’s very important that everyone in Mississippi fills out their 2020 census form so they will actually be counted in the census. Not only so Mississippi can get an accurate count to obtain better census data, but so the entire state of Mississippi can get more federal dollars for hospitals, school districts and more. Please make sure that you are counted in 2020 census. The census survey provided by the census bureau honestly takes less than 3 minutes to fill out. Our state’s federal funding depends on us.

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