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The Mississippi Census 2020

The Mississippi Census happens every 10 years and if we aren’t all counted in 2020, Mississippi will be shortchanged for the next decade. For every adult and every child that is not counted, our state will lose over $5,000 in federal dollars every year. That adds up to $50,000 per person over the next 10 years and those are funds that we won’t get for our roads and bridges, hospitals, and schools.

When we all respond, Mississippi gets more money to pave our roads and rebuild bridges. When we all respond, our health care programs and community health centers get more funding to take care of our family, friends, and neighbors. When we’re not all counted, hospitals could close, forcing people to drive hours to get care. When we all respond, our schools get important funding to take care of our kids. This includes after school programs and lunches for children.

Mississippi's Future

The Mississippi Census is not only required by the U.S. Constitution, it’s critical for our state’s future. Census results touch nearly every element of our lives for the next decade, including our roads, schools, and community programs. 

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on the table each year

Every year, $675 billion in federal funding is on the table for distribution to states. By responding to the census, we ensure we receive our fair share.

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in support each year

Nearly $5,000 per person, per year, can be tied to the census count; that’s more than $17.5 billion annually. 

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for every Mississippian

Nearly $5,000 per person, per year, can be tied to the census count. Those are funds needed to build things like our roads, transit systems, community centers and housing. In addition, funds are used to provide medical services to Mississippians in need, feed children, support our foster system, and so much more.

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Risk of Undercount

An undercount of Mississippians would result in a direct loss of millions of dollars per year for critical programs across the state.

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Mississippi's Representation

MS Census 2020 also affects Mississippi’s representation at every level of government from our cities and towns to Washington, DC. In addition, the lines that determine our political boundaries will be set based on the results of the 2020 census.

The state capital of Mississippi
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Undercounted Communities

Mississippi has historically seen underrepresented counts for young children, multi-family housing residents, military families, non-native English speakers, low-income residents, minorities and rural residents.

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Let's make sure is different.

Let’s all be counted so we can get the most Federal dollars possible.

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