Online Portal for 2020 Census is Now Live!

A historic milestone was reached today. The much anticipated #2020Census online portal is now live with a “soft launch” in advance of invitations being mailed this Thursday, March 12. Here at Mississippi Census, we wanted to share this news with Mississippi residents as soon as possible!

Reach the online portal here: https://my2020census.gov

Through the portal, residents can complete the census using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Benefits of completing the census online are:

  • It’s the fastest way to fill out your census.
  • You can fill it out anywhere, at any time from smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Your answers are completely confidential and secure (NOTE: Confidentiality is assured through all response methods).
  • No unnecessary downloads. It’s all completed online via the website
  • No trips to the post office to mail a form back.
  • No need for a census taker to call you or come to your door.
  • It’s only 10 questions long and only takes 10 minutes.
  • Once you hit the submit button, everyone in your household will be counted. It’s as simple as that. 

Once you click the link, hit Start Questionnaire, and this will bring you to the login page. Use the 12-digit census ID on your mailed invitation. If you didn’t get an invitation or want to go ahead without one, click the link underneath the place for the ID shown below, and start your census by using your address or other information.

2020 Census Portal

Help Someone Else!

After you complete your census, think about anyone else you know who may need help. You might know someone who is not aware or doesn’t know what to do. Many people do not realize the importance of everyone being counted, and you can help!

FACT: In the 2010 Census, 265,000 Mississippians were undercounted. Each person undercounted represents at least $50,000 in Federal funding that Mississippi lost for a total of approximately $13.2 billion dollars over the last 10 years. Your participation can help us avoid making the same mistake again.

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