REMINDER: Today is Census Day!

Today is April 1st and that means it’s Census Day! That’s no April Fools joke! We’re asking you to take part in completing the 2020 Mississippi Census. The quick and easy census form will ask you to include everyone living in your home today, this includes all family, friends, and anyone else that currently lives in your household!

Census Day is nationally observed, and on this date every home formally receives an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. Although the Census has been available since mid-March, if you haven’t already filled it out we need your participation now more than ever. Do so by visiting www.mscensus2020.org and clicking the “Complete My Census Now” button. However, if you prefer, you can still fill out the Census through mail or over the phone: whatever works best for you!

Census Day: Mississippi Counts

Did you know? Every single Mississippian represents $50,000 in federal funding dollars that is allocated to our state over the next ten years! In 2010, Mississippi was undercounted by an estimated 250,000 people.

To put things into perspective, that means we lost out on BILLIONS of dollars for:
? School Programs
? Highways
? Public Safety
? Hospitals

What Mississippi stands to lose as a state is astronomical and would only prevent our communities from reaching their full potential.

“Fortunately, for the first time in Census history, we do have the ability to respond online and that’s what we’re encouraging and promoting as you’re sheltering in place, as you’re working from home..” said Senator Giles Ward this morning as a guest on Super Talk Mississippi. “Our slogan is 10 questions, 10 minutes, 10 years of impact for Mississippi. It’s a catchy slogan but it doesn’t even take you 10 minutes, it takes no more than 5 to 6 minutes to fill out the entire questionnaire.”

Ward, a member of the complete counts committee, reassured by stating “This is not the only date you can respond to the Census but it’s one of the most important dates we have in the cycle for the 2020 Census.” 

He went on to issue a challenge for everyone to search for “Mississippi Census” and visit www.MSCensus2020.org when they get home and to fill out theirs today. 

To listen to the rest of Senator Ward’s interview, you can watch it here.

As of March 31st, Mississippi currently ranks slightly above the National Average in Self-Response Rates at 39.4%. Let’s use this as motivation to challenge our neighbors to participate so we can ensure our voices are heard. If you’ve already filled out your census, be sure to check in and see if you can remind a family member or friend. We’re all in this together! It only takes a few minutes to make a decade of impact! We’re counting on you, Mississippi! #MississippiCounts

The 2020 Mississippi Census is 10 questions, takes 10 minutes, and has 10 years of impact for our state. Visit www.MSCensus2020.org to learn more! 

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