A census taker at the door of a woman's home

What is a Census Taker?

What Does Work as a Census Taker Entail?

A Census Taker is an individual hired by the United States Census Bureau that is paid part-time to conduct a variety of tasks involved with the 2020 US Census. Census Takers conduct interviews with household residents in their community. They use maps and address lists to determine that addresses for the Census are correct, updating them if need be. They will visit the households of residents that have not responded to the 2020 US Census. They’re responsible for speaking with them, delivering relevant Census materials, making follow-up calls, and collecting data through electronic devices (such as smartphones and tablets) provided by the United States Census Bureau.

Main responsibilities of Census Takers are to:

  • Verify addresses.
  • Collect data.
  • Deliver census materials.
  • Do quality assurance.

For best chances of being hired, you should:

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a Social Security number that’s valid.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Have a working email address.
  • Complete an application and pass an assessment.
  • Be registered with the Selective Service program or have an exemption, if you are male and were born after December 31, 1959.
  • Be able to work on a flexible schedule.

There are hundreds of thousands of job positions with the US Census offering flexible hours and paid training. If interested, visit the 2020 United States Census website to learn more and apply!

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